The world is shifting into a "green" stage, meaning, every day more technologies try to reduce the pollution impact, that is so bad these days, thus trying to find alternate sources of energies, producing benefits but with less impact to the environment, such as electric cars, organic fuels like ethanol, Wind (eolic) and solar energy production.


Of all the energies (renewable and not renewable), the one with the most capacity of generation is the sun, because the sun always shows up, and even though the phrase might seem redundant, it is a fact. The total energy absorbed by the atmosphere, oceans and land masses is approximately 3'850,000 Exajoules (Ej). In 2002 this was more energy in one hour tan what the world used up that year. The energy that the earth receives from the sun is almost the twice that we would get from all the resources combined (renewable or not) such as coal, oil, natural gas and uranium combined.


Our company focus on the turn key projects in all their stages, analysis, design, supply and installation of solar systems (photovoltaic systems), this is the detailed analysis of each need so to provide reliable solar projects with the most competitive Price in the market, we can design for small-large residential, commercial and industrial. All this so to provide a better future free of the dependence of non-renewable energetic, to implement the respect to nature and to bring considerable savings in the electric bills...

Unlimited energy!


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