• We have been trained in the solar design by the most re-known organism SEI, worldwide known as a trusty international training program for renewable energy for a sustainable future and we are constantly updated
  • We use state of the art technologies within the solar technology. (Polycrystalline panels, micro inverters, real-time monitors)
  • We use several design criteria so to meet the clients needs (maximum solar capacity, available area, or budget) using the most innovative reliable equipment and software available in the market
  • Best Price per PV watt (Photovoltaic) installed tan the competition


fotoceldasIt is thanks to great Physicist Albert Einstein the discovery of the photo electric effect (1905) by which we was awarded with the Nobel Price in 1924, And even when the 1st solar cell dates back to 1873 (producing only 2 watts) it was until early 50’s that the Bell laboratories started producing solar cells for space use by NASA.

The solar technology it's been around for over 20 years for commercial and residential use in USA and Europe it's now available in Mexico!

How does it work?:

The photons (light particle) hits and bounces in the panels that are some sort of "sandwich" with one part made of Silicon-Boron (-) and the other with Silicon-phosphorus (+), when they try to balance each one out (jumping from one side to another) they release energy which flows thru the cells into the inverter changing DC (direct current) into AC (alternate current) and from there into the existing electric installation.



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